Government launch National AI Strategy

Government National AI Strategy

The Government recently launched the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy for Ireland and serves as a road-map for how Ireland can leverage the potential of AI for unlocking productivity, for addressing societal challenges, and for delivering public services including health.

AI is part of a suite of digital technologies which will be critical drivers of productivity and competitive advantage for Ireland over the next five years. It envisions a future for Ireland as an international leader in using AI to the benefit of business, public services, and - most importantly - for people, through a people-centered, ethical approach to AI development, adoption and use.

Speaking in response to the announcement of the strategy, Ross Cullen (Digital Innovation Manager at HSE Digital Transformation and Innovation) said " artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the predominant components of 4th Industrial Revolution and with recent advances in technology and the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT), it is very much now upon us. It is particularly exciting for healthcare both here in Ireland and around the world, as we have already seen many AI mature AI solutions already.

Our Digital Labs Portfolio sees a growing number of novel AI solutions including image analysis to support decision making, AI algorithms to detect skin cancer and Object Detection through Computer Vision. There is also the use of AI in keeping people well with the rise of Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) devices such as health apps and wearables. These currently allow our clinical teams to monitor patients remotely through our COVID-19 'virtual ward' programme. In the very near future, we see that such information collected by health apps and wearables could potentially be shared with consent to healthcare professionals to better predict, prevent and treat health issues."

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