The HSE Digital Academy in partnership with DPER and hosted by Deloitte, held a symposium on January 30th 2020 to showcase Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its potential in automating administrative work and freeing up workers to do higher value added work.

Below is a summary of the event which included several NHS leaders presenting case studies and key learning’s from the application of RPA in the UK Health Service as well as a pilot case study from HBS.

Robotic Process Automation Symposium

January 30th, Deloitte, Dublin

Health Innovation Hub’s Spark Ignite Innovation Competition 2020 is now open (link). This is open to all HSE staff across all disciplines and departments who have an idea for a solution to a problem, challenge, or unmet need in healthcare.


The application process is simple and straight forward:

The OECD says that Healthcare is about a decade behind other industries in adoption of Digital Technologies and their recent report Health in the 21st Century” identifies Ireland as a laggard, particularly in the use of data in healthcare. Recent headlines around trolley counts in Ireland have brought into focus the potential for digital solutions to significantly alleviate the national bed capacity issue which, along other factors, continues to fuel the trolley crisis.

The HSE Digital Academy Forum was held in the Main Boardroom in Dr Steevens Hospital on 11th December 2019. A Declaration of Public Service Innovation was signed by HSE CEO Paul Reid in the presence of Dr. Lucy Fallon Byrne, Assistant Secretary of Reform for DPER. The event was opened by the Director of Digital Transformation Professor Martin Curley. Prof.

The HSE Digital Academy concluded its orientation day with students enrolled in the Masters in Digital Health Transformation this week. This gave the students an opportunity to network with fellow classmates, get acquainted with the upcoming learning schedule and become comfortable overall. In addition there was an initial series of introductory talks from some of the teaching faculty delivering the masters.